J.R. Filliter

The Shallowest of Men

Murder, Money Laundering, and a Global Search for Justice

The Shallowest of Men

Finn Roberts retired from a career with the FBI and was thriving in a slower paced environment, and settling nicely into retirement, when he got the call from Mexico. He had no idea that he would be signing up for a six year, multi-jurisdictional inquiry that would present obstacles the likes of which he had never encountered during his career in law enforcement. An emotional turn of events in the investigation caused Finn to make a promise he felt he had to keep. There was no turning back, not for Finn.

The case commenced in 2001 in Mexico City. A Branch Manager with Banco Publico in an affluent neighbourhood of the city was found brutally tortured, murdered and thrown into a ditch in a rural area sixty miles from her branch. A pursuant investigation by the Mexican authorities proved fruitless, causing the bank’s investigative team to look at possible motives for the murder. They uncovered a multi-million dollar fraud, with funds being transferred out of Mexico, and laundered through a Swiss bank before being returned to the U.S. Further investigation revealed that the laundered funds had been used to purchase three aircraft which were subsequently flown back into Mexico. The question was, who had stolen the funds and purchased the planes, and more importantly why kill the Branch Manager?

The Shallowest of Men takes us on an investigative journey into the distorted minds of a drug cartel, driven by greed and inspired by visions of wealth and power. It is a fictionalized version of factual events involving murder, fraud, money laundering and corruption at the highest levels in Mexico, and one man’s relentless pursuit of justice.

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